Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Haiku Every Day - Week 2

I made it through week 2, plus. While technically there were days that I didn't write a Haiku, I'm averaging one a day. It's my project and my rules. You can look for my hashtag #haikueveryday on twitter. Unfortunately, there is someone with that phrase for a name, that's his problem. As far as I can tell, he doesn't post a Haiku a day, so it's false advertising.

Show me what you want
Your gentleness inspires
The night is for us

Guide my hand, oh Lord
For I want to be the man
That she sees in me

When you were a child
Did you imagine me here?
Your world is mine now

Even in silence
We still talk to each other
A waive or smile

Beautiful face
Curls framing such a smile
Love anew each day

Your fingers curling
Around the steering wheel
We move through space

Nervous meeting her
Your friend from long time ago
Not sure the reason

Hurling through the sky
Has only been fun with you
What's it about you?

Home is not a place
It's nothing less than just you
You are frowning now

End of the month now
Away from you for hours
Feels like a small death

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