Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tus Pies

Leyendo a Neruda
Pense de tus pies
La silueta de ellos
De lado a lado

Como se sienten
Cuando enlazamos
En uno, estamos
Me sorprendes

Me tocas despacio
Deliberado, rapido
Otras manos
Lejanas se sienten

Descalzada caminas
En la casa
Pies coquetos
Decorados con flores

Brillantes en sol
Fuertes bajo
Piernas torneadas
Manteniendo estatua

Dedos juguetones
Capriciosos mueven
Bailan directando
Orquestra silencia

Beso tus pies
Piedad enamorada
Espiritual casi
Para un ateo

Me encuentro
Embrujado a verlos
Las flores bajo
Mi Helena majica

Thursday, November 11, 2010


If I breathe
too quickly, will you disappear
If I breathe
too slow, will I scare you away

I tempt fate
every time I feel the warmth
of you next to me
and I let myself bask in it

When I let myself
hold you too tight
am I taunting the past
and setting myself up

Looking away
I lose you briefly
Are you there
Has my dream gone

If my heart beats
will the sound eat you
If my heart beats
will the thunder scare you

I reach out
and grab your hand
do you notice
how surprised I am

When I say
that I love you again
do you believe
or have I tired you

Seeing you
walking towards me
my face betrays
and a smile grows

If I wake
will the butterflies fly
If I wake
will the cushion yield

I tremble
with the single thought
that a dream
it has been

When I grasp
for your curves
they yield to
my longing touch

Realizing it
that it’s true
I awake and
surrender to you

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I was an old man when I heard about him
My peoples' lives had been saddled by
Two thousand years of hatred and confusion

To the Deer Park I traveled
To get a glimpse and to understand
What had been forgotten with time

I heard him speak of open hearts and minds
I felt my soul stir at his mere presence
So I decided to stay and learn what others have

I sat beneath the Bodhi tree as he once did
But I did not comprehend

I shaved my head and donned saffron robes
But I did not comprehend

I walked miles with begging bowl in hand
But I did not comprehend

I took the four noble truths to heart
But I did not comprehend

I followed the noble eightfold path
But I did not comprehend

As I grew older and weary I decided
To go back to my ancestral Rome
For clearly I lacked what was required

On the way I met a fellow traveler
A tiger she told me she was
She could show me what I could not grasp

I laughed and told her that I was too old
The path for awakening is left to those
That have their heart and their wits

She jumped and clawed me with her sharp paws
And I began to comprehend

She toyed with me as I tried to get away
And I continued to comprehend

She growled fear into my heart and soul
And I continued to comprehend

She grabbed me by the neck and took my breath
And I continued to comprehend

She devoured me in one swift move
And I finally understood

There is nothing and everything left
I am her and there is no me left
The old man is now part of the tiger

We roam the forest looking for souls
We tell them the truth and show them
That there is no me left and there never was