Thursday, November 11, 2010


If I breathe
too quickly, will you disappear
If I breathe
too slow, will I scare you away

I tempt fate
every time I feel the warmth
of you next to me
and I let myself bask in it

When I let myself
hold you too tight
am I taunting the past
and setting myself up

Looking away
I lose you briefly
Are you there
Has my dream gone

If my heart beats
will the sound eat you
If my heart beats
will the thunder scare you

I reach out
and grab your hand
do you notice
how surprised I am

When I say
that I love you again
do you believe
or have I tired you

Seeing you
walking towards me
my face betrays
and a smile grows

If I wake
will the butterflies fly
If I wake
will the cushion yield

I tremble
with the single thought
that a dream
it has been

When I grasp
for your curves
they yield to
my longing touch

Realizing it
that it’s true
I awake and
surrender to you

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