Saturday, August 6, 2011

What are American liberals to do?

I'm angry. I'm angry at the center and right leaning Democratic party and at a President that sold me a message of hope. I'm angry at a President that gives it and takes it away. He is the President that finally eliminated the ludicrous "don't ask don't tell" but says is "evolving" in the issue of gay marriage. He is the President that signed a health care bill but didn't include a public option. He is the President that has kept the promise to take troops out of Iraq but moved them into Afghanistan. More than all those capitulations, I'm mostly mad because he is the leader of a Democratic party that has absolutely no back bone.

Today's Democratic party is a distortion of the Kennedy-era Democratic party that promised equal rights, progressive ideas and a bright future for America. The party is run by jaded baby-boomers that once had hippie ideas and have morphed into "pragmatic" new agey jerks that lack any convictions. Equal rights are sold out to the far right for a promise to keep them as the other party in Washington. Being called a progressive or a liberal is something they shy away from because they have allowed the other side to change the meaning of it to mean a weakling. Instead of a bright future they have become doomsayers of everything that the far right stands for, but they offer no alternatives at all.

You have to handed it to the "Tea Party" neo-Nazis who have revived a screwed up Republican party with an anti-big government message. No one seems to even realize that the far right stands for a big government anyway; how else are they going to make sure we are praying in schools, teach the bible and stay with our own kind? I don't even have to mention that the far right stands for the largest military any nation has in this planet. Yet, Americans are falling for the lies being fed to them by an increasingly right-wing media led by Rupert Murdoch's FOX.

This week, the Tea Party and the emboldened Republicans held the American economy hostage in a game of chicken against a namby-pamby Democratic party. The Dems folded again, as they have done for a while now, and gave in to what Speaker John Boehner called 98% of his goals. Way to go, spineless hippies!

The President and the weakling Democratic party once again told the American voters that they stand for nothing. They tried to spin this "deal" as a 50/50 win, as the capitulation would trigger big cuts in Defense if they don't work out an agreement when money runs out again. Hey, does anyone want to bet that the Tea Party will once again hold the economy hostage and the Dems will give in? It seems like a certainty to me.

So what is a proud progressive liberal to do? Should I stick with the lame spineless "pragmatists" that stand for nothing because they are the only alternative to a far-right Republican party that wants to drag all of us to the 1800s? Or should I go with some fringe "green-like" party that has no chance of even mount a credible Presidential campaign? Any vote against Obama would be a vote for Michele Bachman/Mitt Romney/Satan dressed as Jesus with a NASCAR t-shirt, right? When should we all stop being weaklings, stop singing "All we need is love," stand up to the right-wing bullies and clean up the mess we have made?

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