Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dreaming of Sweaters and Anti-Matter

I had a dream that I was looking at a sweater very closely. I could see the fibers in great detail. It was well-worn but very beautiful. The fibers were so clear. I could almost look beyond single strands, maybe to the actual molecules that made up the elements that wove together to make strands, that in turn came together to make fibers and that finally made up the sweater.

At first, it reminded me of that gray sweater I once had. I had it for ten years, maybe more. It was a soft wool pullover with buttons on the right shoulder. It was an odd design that if the buttons were undone the sweater would fall askew over the shoulder. I never undid the buttons.

But the dream sweater was nothing like it when it draped over my face. It had brown, reddish, and yellow, or maybe green, strands; there was no gray. The strands pulled apart the closer it came to my eyes. The weave opened and between the strands there was a vacuum, like that from space. "Was it a vacuum, or was it anti-matter?" I remember laughing at the thought, remembering that earlier during the waking day we had talked about chemistry and physics.

The sweater vanished as I tried to reach for it. I could still feel the warmth of it, however. I could somehow feel it was there but I couldn't touch it. The dream dissolved into something else entirely and eventually I wasn't dreaming anymore.

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